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 Tips for posting in The Rant section [Read before posting]

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PostSubject: Tips for posting in The Rant section [Read before posting]   Fri May 20, 2011 9:51 pm

Posting in the rant section gets out of hand some times, so today I will be showing you how to make a succesful rant.

First of all, have evidence to back up your point. For example: My rant I made earlier about a forum game, I checked the actual forum first before I made the thread. Secondly, You should never rant about other members, especially for their post count or what bad things they have done, its a mod/admins job to find sufficient proof of the person not following the rules and warn/ban him. Also it just causes alot of flamMake sure you know what you are talking about, and dont go off-topic if posting in someone elses rant. Fourthly, Make sure your spelling and grammer is understandable, also please make sense, whatever you write you might understand but Im sure some others wont. Also if you like the persons rant, dont just put "Good rant, I agree" Say why you agree and why you think its becoming out of hand too. However there are people that dont seem to understand the meaning of "Rant" and think its a place to spam, flame or trash talk, now if im correct these things we get you warned or banned.

Even though this is a Rant section, all comunity forum rules still apply, and should be followed!
ing which is against the rules.
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Tips for posting in The Rant section [Read before posting]
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