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 Read before making a thread!

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PostSubject: Read before making a thread!    Sat May 21, 2011 12:40 pm

Below are a few rules for this new section!

1. If you wish to ask a specific staff member something personal, please use a PM. Any threads that break this rule will be deleted without notice.
2. If your thread has been responded to and closed yet you feel that they missed something with their answer please PM the staff member who posted the response. Do not make another thread or you will risk being banned.
3. Do not post asking about how to get a badge, if you do post asking how to get one you will be issued a warning and your thread deleted.
4. Do not make a post asking for staff to "check out your topic." You'll be running the risk of being warned/banned.
5. Do not make a post asking how to become staff, or anything about being staff.

Some notes you should know about this forum:

1. Once you submit a thread to ask the staff, you will be unable to reply to the thread.
2. Only staff can reply to your thread once it has been posted.
3. If you have a actual issue with the site itself please post in the forum issue's section
4. This forum is for general questions you may have about the rules or common site practices.
5. When making a thread please make the title relevant to your question to better help staff assist you.
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Read before making a thread!
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