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 [TUT] How to mod nazi zombie online again USB NO JTAG

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PostSubject: [TUT] How to mod nazi zombie online again USB NO JTAG   Fri May 20, 2011 2:11 pm

This is a tutorial on how to mod nazi zombies online again!

A resumed savegame/create one
CoD Tool(Download Link At The Bottom)
A USB stick/enough memory to hold a profile+savegame

Turn xbox on move chosen modded profile to USB stick

Load up waw go to campaign and resume game or start new game, then wait for checkpoint end the game.

If your savegame has NOT saved to your USB do so by going system settings,memory,games,call of duty world at war savegame thats asociated with your chosen profile and move it to your usb if its already on it unplug your USB from earthier while your on the campaign menu or on dash dont matter

plug USB into pc load up Modio + CodTool

on Modio click the (M) located in the top left corner and click explore my device

choose partition 2-3 ,content your chosen profile,waw game id where the savegame is stored and extract it to your desktop for back up if needed

drag and drop your savegame into CodTool and DO-NOT click dvar mods click advanced tab and in the settings box type (activeaction) for the value type this bind BUTTON_BACK noclip;bind BUTTON_START god or what ever dvar u want

after you insert your binds save the changes then re open your savegame into modio and rehash and resign if you use my savegame copy your profile IDS and your device ID from your savegame or your profile by opening your savegame/profile in resigner -paste your id`s in my savegame (ONLY IF YOU CHOOSE TO USE MINE) then click rehash and resign then click save to device or drag and drop it where your old savegame use to be so you overwrite it

then plug your usb back intoy uor xbox load up waw or if its alread at the menu sign into your chosen modded profile and go to campaign,resume game (DONT CREATE A NEW ONE) when you resume game and it loads press A to skip the intro of the mission and press START+BACK to see if your binds work if so press your guide button then save/quit there you go!

Here is some gamesaves you can download

CoD Tool:
SVG: download here.
SVG: Download here.
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[TUT] How to mod nazi zombie online again USB NO JTAG
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