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 Info About All Infection Lobbys

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PostSubject: Info About All Infection Lobbys   Thu May 19, 2011 12:25 pm

Ok Guys as most people know IW patch infection binds well please don't post any infection lobbys post's in here at least for right now.The reason why I am saying this is becuase all infection bunds are patched and I dont want any spam in here. This post will keep you active about the patching of infection binds on MW2. When we find out that infection binds are back up and running then me or one of the admins will delete this post and we will make another one saying that MW2 infection binds are working again and we will also post on how to host infection lobby's on MW2 again so please until that day do not post anything having to do with MW2 infection lobbys.....Also if you have a question on this matter then just post below and maybe someone will answer you question. Any post about someone hosting an infection lobby without inviting a admin to the lobby first will result in your post getting deleted and you will also get a 24 hour ban from posting.
Thank You For Your Cooperation.
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Info About All Infection Lobbys
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